Do you remember when things used to be simple?
When things didn’t matter?
And everyone was well, happy?
For some of you this thought stretch is much longer than others.
Maybe you’re like me
Things aren’t bad
From the surface there really isn’t anything to complain about
But then you start to look back
And you think, what happened to that?
Because you realize that some of your founder memories are with different people. Maybe literally or personality wise.
But both, the memories and the people, are now fading
And things aren’t like they used to be
Now you’re a child of god, you still have that joy
But then you think of the word “happy”
And you start to wonder of its meaning
You’ve felt happy, you know happy
But are YOU happy
In moments, you think to yourself, yes,I am
And you’re convinced
That is until that voice returns
And it’s chilled voice whispers, “are you?”
And you shudder-Push that voice away
Because the reality that just maybe your idea of “happy” is becoming more and more lenient
And that maybe you’ve become so convinced on the fact that this is where you should be happy that you neglect to allow yourself to find natural happiness
That one we had when things didn’t matter
And things used to be simple
And the happy you new was a much better version of the happy you know now
But is there even a way of going back, or should we stop just comparing life?
Better yet, is there even a right answer?


just yes.

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i have a love for words

not new words

not big words

just words

and what they do

the way they make people feel

the way they hold so much power

the fact that they are the only way to consistently solve problems

how we base our world off of them

they way they can explain everything we’re feeling

or when the tie so perfectly together in song

they way they truely have the capability to move the world

how they seem to never fail to say what we need to hear

the way simple words can last forever

how even small words hold the greatest meaning

they way words can fall perfectly into line to change everything going on

words are our way of getting across everything that we are going through

so yes, i have a love for words

not new words

not big words




seeing isn’t believeing

they say that seeing is believing

to which i reply ” no, seeing is just that. seeing”

seeing and believing are two completely different things

i even asked webster

seeing:to experience as a spectator. to observe

believing: to accept something as true, genuin, or real

i didnt see anything about “seeing” in the definition of “beliving”… did you?

no. i didnt think so

but if we dont need to see something to belive in it, how do we believe in it?

find a reason to believe

need one?

heres one that usually works

faith, firm belief in something for which there is no proof

see the connection? its right there, the bolded word.


but i must admit you need something to build up your faith.

i’ve built up my faith in god

i’ve found my reason to  believe

but sometimes, in other events

i want the same thing everyone else does..

give me a reason to believe

i dont have to see it first

thats not necessary

sometimes you just need a reason

so when the events are shaky

ask someone

"why should i believe? give me a reason"


to get here

i never thought i’d get here.

to this point in my life.

wether thats good or bad, i couldnt tell you

i’ve made some mistakes i never thought would even be an option

i’ve made some decisions that i never thought i’d have to make

i’ve had to say goodbye to some of the people i loved most

i’ve had to give up my world in search for a new one

i’ve had to put my feelings away to survive the next day

i’ve had to look for a future that’d except my past

i’ve had to look in the mirror time after time to figure out who i was

i’ve had to give people advice that i couldn’t use myself

i’ve had to lie to pass off a truth i wanted to believe

i’ve had to back up. start over. and rewind a few times

i’ve had to look for the look for a rainbow in the middle of a storm

i’ve had to break to ever build myself up

i’ve had to fall so that i could stand

i’ve had to forget a dream in order to make someone elses come true

i’ve had to smile through the tears

i’ve had to forgive and forget

i’ve had to accept that i won’t always feel worth it

i’ve had to realize that i can’t always be on top

yeah, i’ve had to do alot.

but hey, all these stumbles and mess ups and regrets and mistakes is how we learn to love life.